Whether your nonprofit organization is on a college campus or nationwide, fundraising is a key to success. Since being involved in organizations on my college campus, the one challenge I have continually faced is how to fundraise. It is always difficult to find a fundraiser that will not only make a profit, but will interest our target audience.

I was doing some research and found three fundraisers that could work for both small and large nonprofit organizations.

I hope you can find some to be useful for your organization!

Scratch card fundraiser

I found the idea for a scratch card fundraiser at this website. Scratch cards are known to be one of the most profitable nonprofit fundraisers, where you have the potential to raise $100 per card. Supporters are given a card and asked to scratch off the dots on the side of the card—the dots indicate how much a supporter will donate. After the supporter makes his or her appropriate donation then he or she gets to keep the scratch card. Each scratch card has coupons that were carefully selected to ensure that your supporters would be encouraged to help make your fundraising campaign a success.

Scratch Card Fundraising Card Example

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Some coupon savings on the card are:

• Pizza Hut
• A&W
• AMC Theaters
•Jiffy lube

The profit you can make from this fundraiser is outstanding. You can find a profit calculator here. By using this calculator you can insert the number of participants for the fundraiser and the calculator will calculate your potential profit for you!

One more thing—you can customize the scratch card to relate to your specific organization! Talk about brand awareness. How cool is that?

Online fundraiser

I found this fundraiser here and believe it to be the easiest fundraiser out of the three I talk about in this post. The online fundraiser is free to your organization and involves no handling of products. This fundraiser gives your supporters a place online where they can sign up or renew their magazine subscriptions with an 85% savings from the news stand price. Your organization gets 40 percent of the profit for all magazine subscriptions made through the website!

Some of the magazine subscriptions offered are:

• People
• Readers Digest
• Sports Illustrated

Restaurant gift card fundraiser

I found this last fundraiser here! Your organization can purchase gift cards for $10 and sell them to your supporters for $20. This allows your organization to make a 50 percent profit. After each supporter purchases a gift card, they can go online and redeem their $20 gift card for a $50 gift card—at no cost. These gift cards work at 14,000 restaurants nationwide. When considering this fundraiser for your organization, make sure to ask the company what restaurants in your area work with the gift card!

This fundraiser is a great for tough economic times. If a family can purchase a gift card for $20, but redeem it for $50, they were able to save money and also enjoy a great dinner out on the town!

Restaurant Gift Card Example

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I hope some of these ideas will be able to help your organization have a successful fundraising campaign! Do you have any other fundraisers that were a success for your nonprofit organization? Please leave the ideas in the comments or message me on Twitter!