Everyone at some point in his or her life will know or love someone that will battle an illness. No matter the illness, there are doctors constantly working to care for the patient. What people may not think about, is that behind every doctor there is a nonprofit organization working to raise money and create awareness for these illnesses, in hopes that one day the people we know and love will not have to battle them anymore.

I know that everyone’s lives get busy and we sometimes are not able to make it to the fundraisers these nonprofits have, or we forgot to send in that donation. It is not that we don’t feel passionately about supporting these nonprofit organizations, but life gets busy and before we know it the event has passed or the donation is still sitting on the kitchen counter.

I tend to be guilty of this. I promise myself that I will get involved in nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen for the Cure, but time passes by and I still don’t always do what I promised myself.

A few days ago, I was on Twitter and saw that Smashbox Cosmetics was donating $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network every time a customer made a purchase from its WISH Holiday Collection.

It was then when I realized the holiday season is the perfect time to give back to these nonprofit organizations. Plus, you can do it while you shop! Now don’t worry, I know Christmas is still a little down the road, but it is never too early to start thinking about what gifts you are going buy!

Here are two ways you can give back to nonprofits, while at the same time crossing off that Christmas gift list!

Smashbox gives to Children’s Miracle Network

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I know I mentioned this earlier, but according to Happi Magazine, Smashbox is granting holiday wishes for the second year in a row. For every purchase of its limited edition WISH Holiday Collection, Smash box will donate $1 or up to $25,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Whether you are looking for your girlfriend, teenage daughter or mother, the WISH Holiday Collection has products for everyone! The collection has everything from eye shadow, eyeliners, lip-gloss and more.

Macy’s Thanks for Sharing Program

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I worked at Macy’s over last holiday break, so I know plenty of people shop at Macy’s for holiday gifts.

Just like Smashbox, Macy’s is making donations to nonprofit organizations. According to the Macy’s website, for each Thanks For Sharing enrollment now through December 31, Macy’s will make a $10 donation, or up to $15 million to various nonprofits. The first $3 million raised will benefit the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Movement. The remaining balance, or up to $12 million will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

If you enroll in Thanks for Sharing, you can continue to shop with your Macy’s card while accumulating rewards on most of your Macy’s card purchases. Beginning in February 2011, you will be mailed your accumulated rewards in a Thanks for Sharing Card that you are able to use at any Macy’s store or online.

Why should you participate?

You should participate because it is easy and important. These stores are making it possible for people to be able to give back, while at the same time doing what they need to get done.

You have the power to not only give the person you are buying a gift for a special holiday, but you are helping to give those who can’t be with their families this holiday a chance to be with them for the next one.

Do you know of any other stores or companies that are giving back during the holiday season? Share your thoughts in the comments!